Spread your wings

One thing that I felt is to get out more and meet new people. When I need to show confidence, then I do, but really I am not a confident person (that is about to change, I can feel it).

I feel like I have put myself in a bubble, to keep myself safe and get the basics right before the father.

But in doing so I have limited myself, so I need to spread my wings. If I don’t then how does the lord touch the heart of others through me?

I cannot just sit here typing out what I have learnt or feel to you alone.

Yes I do meet people, but I need to open right the way up. My father has a plan and I need to make myself more open and available.

I went out this week to meet someone, as you know from the word the Lord provides to his children. So off I went, a colleague said to me yesterday, xxx said ‘you were the nicest client she has ever met.’

That means the Lord in me has left a mark, the door has opened, it’s up to him what happens next.

But I am definitely ready to go…


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