It wouldn’t matter if you burned every church or every person. You cannot kill faith, for he will live on and on, long after I am gone.

I pray that you know what I mean, that my words go deep inside your soul. He lives and breaths in me right now but if I am gone, then the next will step into my place.

For he lives, he died on that cross for my sin, my sickness, my diseases and all those who come before me and will come after me.

For he is the alpha and the omega, the enemy is hate and all that is bad. My father is all good all wonderful and will never break your trust.

If anything happens to you, don’t run from him, RUN to him. For in him is the only place you can be safe. In history many have layed down there lives for the belief of FAITH and we know there names for its written in the history books.

Many years ago he said the same to me, your name will be written in the history pages. Well here I sit ready for you, I am willing to surrender all to you.

So Lord your word says everything I need, all I have to do is ask. So Lord I ask for what you want me to have beyond my imaginings. Lets show the world together for I will not be silenced. My direction comes from you, and no man is right for they will know the truth when judgement day comes.

So what do you believe the truth as I know it, GOD IS NOT DEAD.


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