I profess with my mouth

I profess with my mouth that Jesus is my father, he rules and reigns, those who seem to have all the riches and never struggle, have only one end.

Money cannot buy what I have, if you killed me and cut me open you could not find what I have deep within, FAITH. And with faith their is hope, for I believe my father is about to add to me everything he has desired for me to have.

The enemy sometimes lets people go into a place of being comfortable, money or obstacles are never an issue. But why does that happen, because then they will NOT seek there fathers face. They have no need for anything they are comfortable, so they choose to ignore the obvious. The obvious is the enemy wants to stop them, if he has to give to them then he will. For the father will not interfere with free will, and with your marble floors and big house what need do you have for GOD.

You have a bigger need than I do sitting here. Stop being fooled, for GOD is love, in that love you will find a peace a fulfilment greater than any shopping trip.

Again I profess that CHRIST is LORD and he is mine….



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