Go back, to move forward

I am inspired, so many times people say, why me, why is everything happening to me.

You need to go back a few generations, why does sickness come on children, go back. Why is your life so wrong, go back.

We go to school to learn in history class that what happens today is, what was set up from the past.

I have renounced my forefathers to break the past, for my father has written a manual about the past, to enable me to move forward. I no longer am of the world, I just live in it.

This may seem a completely daft statement but I stand by it, I live by his spirit for my flesh is only a vessel. For my spirit will live on an on with him, my future is written and with that I stand.

I stand to acknowledge that my father died on the cross as a human man for me, then he arose by the spirit and lives forever more.

So live, arise and shine for your light has come…..


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