The time is defineately NOW.

I recently went to gods house and heard the most memorable message that moved me.

Not a regular move, like the earth shifting on its axis.

Oh Lord, everything is slotting into place and may I say if you doubted before, never would you again.

HE IS COMING BACK. He is about to frighten the life out of those who thought themselves smarties.

When you research dates and fit it together you would know what I mean.

I am so excited I think I had won the lottery.

My question to you is, ARE YOU READY.

The next year may astound you and in the Jewish calender the year has already began in September.

Oh Lord I am so excited, those around me that think I have lost the plot. This will shut them up, finally yahooo. I will stand by my man, my Lord and savior. Wackadoowow

Can you tell I am excited, lol


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