Forgiveness..God is speaking loud and clear

Yes, forgiveness was in yesterdays message.

I was telling the speaker through the week, how I saw that movie and lay myself out before the Lord, repented and was able to be free, to forgive.

The message is hard for those who have been hurt, trust me as you have read, I do know what I am talking about.

But ultimately, stay focused on his word, that will sustain you. Through every twist and turn, his word is the key to all.

God wants to stabilize YOUR faith and hold onto your integrity. He wants values to be put into us that are values that will stand the test of time.

He wants us to GROW UP and stand by his word, for he is in CONTROL of it all.

He wants to bless us above everything, remember he cannot lie.

And when you talk about God openly your name is written in the book of remembrance.

Once I was shown a vision by the Lord he took me to a place and showed me a book. It was huge and old, I knew it was important. What was wonderful about that vision, he showed me my name, written in it.

Oh father thank you for reminding me.


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