Lord, I need you…now

Things are definitely happening. Keep going father, I know you wont give up on me.

I am calling on my father to help, but as I say things do work together for my good. So I am willingly going with the flow.

I was watching something and I heard the words, let go, let flow. Think about it for a minute, I know people who try their darndest to work things out, my view is if it’s not his plan it wont.

I have seen people only call him when its zero hour, they are ones who have walked. All I can say is, why should he? A bit harsh yes, I know he will do what he wants at the time. What is needed for you, sometimes we have to fall flat, before we get back up.

I am making plans for next year, I have put forth my prayers and lets just see where they end up.

I use to hate making plans, why, because they would always collapse. Just like a house of cards, it use to really get to me. So at the time I changed too, being spontaneous, which for me was not easy. I like to plan, write lists, be organised, think of contingency plans etc.

But father getting back to my point, father I cry out for your assistance.



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