I have had it..

I have had it with my situation.

I need my life to change, NOW. Lord help me find the next step and let’s go.

I have been trying to keep myself entertained, but enough already. Once my front room is cleared, I need to be working again.

I need the things done and dusted, so the next phase can begin.

So together are you with me, I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus to please find the right position for me. Restore me and empower me, to be your vessel. Let me be able to be used as your will desires, may all that has been stolen be returned to me, now. May extraordinary miracles take place in me and around me. May everyone see the light of the Lord shining from within. And father with your blessing let the man you have for me, cross my path and may your abundance rein down on me and my children. Let them come to the end of themselves and rise to worship you, let my son know the reason he is here is to follow you. Let your presence be felt by both my children, let an experience with you move them into greater things. Let all the blessing that you have for me, rain on me from today. Lord my beautiful father, let the world know how blessed they are to have you there for them and let the salt be shown over there lives. AMEN



Do you think you have the power to prevail??

Just now this word came to me. But, do you have the power to prevail?

It says it in his word, so why not? Road blocks are there to be smashed through when you know it is meant to be.

If I didn’t push myself, nothing would ever happen. But I BELIEVE, do you?

The world makes you think of all grey areas in your life, so-called friends may, bag you out at times.

Well are they really friends? I told my daughter once, who claimed she had a lot of friends, I said to her, “honey you have to realise that some are true friends, others are what I call moochers”. People who will hang around to pick the bones like vultures.

I believe that true people, will see the real you and love you for that. They will be honest, but support your decisions, they will be there when needed.

Back to the subject, I have the power to prevail and stand one snakes and scorpions. I have power, the enemy no longer has any power over me, I am the daughter of the true king.

So again, do you have the power to prevail? If you don’t believe it, just say it, till you do and see what happens.

What is your plan??

Sounds simple right, but is it part of Gods plan?

What am I getting at this time? Yes I know what I have wanted (past tense), what I want is to make sure that the future is part of my fathers plan for me.

I think if you waste time your nuts (this is my view about me), I always am drawn back to how long my father waited for me. How I went out, with my big pride and lived a worldly life, after I heard his voice that time.

Yes, I didn’t have all the information, but really, do you ever really do?

Remember GOD IS IN CHARGE, not you. When you keep it simple and are willing, anything can happen.

My dad is amazing, everyday he surprises me and makes me love him more. Yes, even when he corrects me, because he loves me and knew my end from the beginning.

Nothing can stop me, I am on the ship and he has set the course. I don’t know the current destination, but my aim is when I meet him face to face.

I dont need to have the most expensive things and I dont need to show off.

But I need my dad, that is something that never faids. Be blessed xx

And happy mothers day


Today message, is are you in covenant with God.

Wow, how your week can fit into with what God is saying. I have been reading these books, how to help you with increase using Gods word.

What is the key, knowing that without God, you wouldn’t get anywhere. You have to remember, he is behind all you have and all you are about to have in the future.

He wants to give to you, more than you could wish for.

ITS UP TO YOU – what happens next. If you go down the toilet, WHY – are you?

Are you in covenant, do you have a contract with God? If so, get on board the express and hang on because you are about to dumb found the experts and rise to your destiny.

If you have fallen off the perch, then stand up and act grown up. If you walked and your life is in turmoil, I believe you go look in the mirror for the one to blame. Your reflection is that key.

I truly believe this is about to happen to me and those whom I class as my family in our little church.

No financial crises stands when my dad is in power, yahoo. Ready setty go………….

What a word, today is

I have been reading books that the Lord has put in front of me.

Keys in the book, is big on discipline. Ooh, that’s a little hard, if your anything like me.

Some can seem to do everything with ease, it may not be so. But sure does seem it to me, especially with men & women, who are destined for greatness. They easily make up there mind, get discipline and do what is required.

To a mere mortal that seems a hill to steep to climb, but is it really. I am sure they only do it one day at a time.

Someone wrote, if you decide to make 10 calls today and only make 5, your…. behind TODAY.
If you decide to email, 10 people today and only contact 9, your….. behind TODAY.

Does any of this make sense? I am so guilty of putting things off until tomorrow and trust me. I can find any excuse not to do it – no change that, did find any excuse but not anymore.

I was driving home from the station today and thought I would take advantage of the sunshine and go for walk. Then watched the movie, sat out the back. Prayed, cried some more etc etc.

But what happened, the word TODAY. So off I went, no more excuses Queen of procrastination, its big. LOL

What can you do TODAY? Make a goal, even a tiny one. Make it happen, the world doesn’t care and it certainly wont wait.

You can do it, I believe enough for the both of us. God bless.

By his grace, he answered me…

As you have been aware reading what I have written at times you were probably smarter than me and knew that I had a blockage. I knew it too, to a point but I was lost and now I have been found.

What was that blockage, forgiveness. I got to a point of forgiving, but one hurdle too many to climb as they would say.

I forgave to a point that I could internally manage, but the rest I knew my father would have to help me.

And remember one of my last blogs was, Lord what is the next step.

Well, well, well, today a beautiful movie The Grace Card – http://www.thegracecardmovie.com/

I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard, I cried like a child. I lay on the floor with my arms stretched out and repented for my mistakes.

I cried and still can’t seem to stem the tears, I even rang the channel to thank them. They may think I am nuts, but I DONT CARE. I said to the girl, “That was a divine appointment and to whom ever, tell them thank you”.

I know it was you father, helping me release this, god I so wanted to let go. But you know when something is just beyond your capabilities and you need help.

Get this movie, I urge you and sit quietly, let the father enter in, for you to be set free.

That is something that is happening a lot lately, FREEDOM.

I truly believe my time is coming, something truly beyond imaginings. A great blessing we can call it.

By his grace it is to also receive, sending much love…

Where is my next step?

I have been going through my little home, being freshly painted. I don’t wont to shove back the stuff that I had stored for a rainy day.

I am selling what I don’t need, my home was not untidy in any way. But excess, I have too much of things because I hate waste.

I think I was born to recycle and reuse, I don’t know how anyone can throw something away and not pass it on or use it later.

Yes, I have limits, but too just go and spend unnecessary money. I think its nuts, my view, don’t get all upset please.

I know people who have been poor, I have even been there. But I know people with a lot of money, they don’t waste it, they leave it to grow.

Wisdom I have found, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Yes, I know, this has been said before, but when you get it, you get it.

So Lord, what is my next step, you have sat me here. Knowing all I would go through, what challenges I would face and what I had to learn.

Where to now father??

I am at the end of myself again, oh Lord gotta love a challenge, but you created me. With a big heart and a stubborn nature, that I know makes me unmovable when I decide.

But again, thank you Abba Father.

Sayings, can have power too…

I was talking with a beloved friend yesterday, about my bad week.

She said to me the saying, ‘take the bull by the horns’.

I said straight back, think about that for a moment. If you grab a bull, literally by the horns, what power do you really have?

None, he will shake you off and run right over the top of you.

So (sorry for the frankness) I said, ‘grab his balls’.

Really if you grab them, and twist you have total control don’t you? I worked on a dairy farm, so I have a little knowledge, but I would not try it.

But think about it in your mind, what issue are you dealing with, grab it by the Balls and take control. Say, ‘I have power and authority and what I say goes’.

Dont let the devil have one more day, use any saying that may spring to mind. You never know it may help you today.

Gods word can then be added to it and give you the double whammy…

Thats what I think anyway, be blessed.

Does the word open up for you??

Sometimes the book called the Bible can be a mountain too big to climb.

But when his word is studied and you go over it and read small parts, he will reveal the real message.

Yes I have been daunted by his book, because mainly my brain feels like it works a thousand miles an hour. But to have the discipline to sit and read and read is beyond me sometimes, but always his answers are there.

I was having a week, yes I was naughty. Not in a bad way but I was, as most girls would understand, having a moment.

I sat and cried out to him and apologised for my behavior, I really didn’t like where my mind was going with my internal struggles. But I went to his word and got Proverbs 18, ouch that hurt. Yes I knew he was not happy, but I took it.

His word never lies, that is one thing that he cannot do is LIE.

Everything else is possible to him who believes, open your heart and mind. Anything is possible even if you are having a moment.

Little by little or all at once, just open up his manual. Ask the father to open the eyes of your understanding.

I know some people would think, just do it.

Pain is good for you

What I hear you say? Has she finally lost the plot, no.

See your thinking like the world, that has trained you for so long.

Pain makes you appreciate the joy, it’s the winter before the spring and summer comes.

Its how you take it, how you see the view, that is yet to be seen.

The heavenly’s, I am talking about. Pain shapes who you are and whom you are yet to be.

Embrace it all and LIVE… Sometimes I think we are dormant and are yet to break free.