Does the word open up for you??

Sometimes the book called the Bible can be a mountain too big to climb.

But when his word is studied and you go over it and read small parts, he will reveal the real message.

Yes I have been daunted by his book, because mainly my brain feels like it works a thousand miles an hour. But to have the discipline to sit and read and read is beyond me sometimes, but always his answers are there.

I was having a week, yes I was naughty. Not in a bad way but I was, as most girls would understand, having a moment.

I sat and cried out to him and apologised for my behavior, I really didn’t like where my mind was going with my internal struggles. But I went to his word and got Proverbs 18, ouch that hurt. Yes I knew he was not happy, but I took it.

His word never lies, that is one thing that he cannot do is LIE.

Everything else is possible to him who believes, open your heart and mind. Anything is possible even if you are having a moment.

Little by little or all at once, just open up his manual. Ask the father to open the eyes of your understanding.

I know some people would think, just do it.


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