Sayings, can have power too…

I was talking with a beloved friend yesterday, about my bad week.

She said to me the saying, ‘take the bull by the horns’.

I said straight back, think about that for a moment. If you grab a bull, literally by the horns, what power do you really have?

None, he will shake you off and run right over the top of you.

So (sorry for the frankness) I said, ‘grab his balls’.

Really if you grab them, and twist you have total control don’t you? I worked on a dairy farm, so I have a little knowledge, but I would not try it.

But think about it in your mind, what issue are you dealing with, grab it by the Balls and take control. Say, ‘I have power and authority and what I say goes’.

Dont let the devil have one more day, use any saying that may spring to mind. You never know it may help you today.

Gods word can then be added to it and give you the double whammy…

Thats what I think anyway, be blessed.


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