Where is my next step?

I have been going through my little home, being freshly painted. I don’t wont to shove back the stuff that I had stored for a rainy day.

I am selling what I don’t need, my home was not untidy in any way. But excess, I have too much of things because I hate waste.

I think I was born to recycle and reuse, I don’t know how anyone can throw something away and not pass it on or use it later.

Yes, I have limits, but too just go and spend unnecessary money. I think its nuts, my view, don’t get all upset please.

I know people who have been poor, I have even been there. But I know people with a lot of money, they don’t waste it, they leave it to grow.

Wisdom I have found, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Yes, I know, this has been said before, but when you get it, you get it.

So Lord, what is my next step, you have sat me here. Knowing all I would go through, what challenges I would face and what I had to learn.

Where to now father??

I am at the end of myself again, oh Lord gotta love a challenge, but you created me. With a big heart and a stubborn nature, that I know makes me unmovable when I decide.

But again, thank you Abba Father.


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