By his grace, he answered me…

As you have been aware reading what I have written at times you were probably smarter than me and knew that I had a blockage. I knew it too, to a point but I was lost and now I have been found.

What was that blockage, forgiveness. I got to a point of forgiving, but one hurdle too many to climb as they would say.

I forgave to a point that I could internally manage, but the rest I knew my father would have to help me.

And remember one of my last blogs was, Lord what is the next step.

Well, well, well, today a beautiful movie The Grace Card –

I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard, I cried like a child. I lay on the floor with my arms stretched out and repented for my mistakes.

I cried and still can’t seem to stem the tears, I even rang the channel to thank them. They may think I am nuts, but I DONT CARE. I said to the girl, “That was a divine appointment and to whom ever, tell them thank you”.

I know it was you father, helping me release this, god I so wanted to let go. But you know when something is just beyond your capabilities and you need help.

Get this movie, I urge you and sit quietly, let the father enter in, for you to be set free.

That is something that is happening a lot lately, FREEDOM.

I truly believe my time is coming, something truly beyond imaginings. A great blessing we can call it.

By his grace it is to also receive, sending much love…


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