What a word, today is

I have been reading books that the Lord has put in front of me.

Keys in the book, is big on discipline. Ooh, that’s a little hard, if your anything like me.

Some can seem to do everything with ease, it may not be so. But sure does seem it to me, especially with men & women, who are destined for greatness. They easily make up there mind, get discipline and do what is required.

To a mere mortal that seems a hill to steep to climb, but is it really. I am sure they only do it one day at a time.

Someone wrote, if you decide to make 10 calls today and only make 5, your…. behind TODAY.
If you decide to email, 10 people today and only contact 9, your….. behind TODAY.

Does any of this make sense? I am so guilty of putting things off until tomorrow and trust me. I can find any excuse not to do it – no change that, did find any excuse but not anymore.

I was driving home from the station today and thought I would take advantage of the sunshine and go for walk. Then watched the movie, sat out the back. Prayed, cried some more etc etc.

But what happened, the word TODAY. So off I went, no more excuses Queen of procrastination, its big. LOL

What can you do TODAY? Make a goal, even a tiny one. Make it happen, the world doesn’t care and it certainly wont wait.

You can do it, I believe enough for the both of us. God bless.


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