Today message, is are you in covenant with God.

Wow, how your week can fit into with what God is saying. I have been reading these books, how to help you with increase using Gods word.

What is the key, knowing that without God, you wouldn’t get anywhere. You have to remember, he is behind all you have and all you are about to have in the future.

He wants to give to you, more than you could wish for.

ITS UP TO YOU – what happens next. If you go down the toilet, WHY – are you?

Are you in covenant, do you have a contract with God? If so, get on board the express and hang on because you are about to dumb found the experts and rise to your destiny.

If you have fallen off the perch, then stand up and act grown up. If you walked and your life is in turmoil, I believe you go look in the mirror for the one to blame. Your reflection is that key.

I truly believe this is about to happen to me and those whom I class as my family in our little church.

No financial crises stands when my dad is in power, yahoo. Ready setty go………….


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