What is your plan??

Sounds simple right, but is it part of Gods plan?

What am I getting at this time? Yes I know what I have wanted (past tense), what I want is to make sure that the future is part of my fathers plan for me.

I think if you waste time your nuts (this is my view about me), I always am drawn back to how long my father waited for me. How I went out, with my big pride and lived a worldly life, after I heard his voice that time.

Yes, I didn’t have all the information, but really, do you ever really do?

Remember GOD IS IN CHARGE, not you. When you keep it simple and are willing, anything can happen.

My dad is amazing, everyday he surprises me and makes me love him more. Yes, even when he corrects me, because he loves me and knew my end from the beginning.

Nothing can stop me, I am on the ship and he has set the course. I don’t know the current destination, but my aim is when I meet him face to face.

I dont need to have the most expensive things and I dont need to show off.

But I need my dad, that is something that never faids. Be blessed xx

And happy mothers day


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