Do you think you have the power to prevail??

Just now this word came to me. But, do you have the power to prevail?

It says it in his word, so why not? Road blocks are there to be smashed through when you know it is meant to be.

If I didn’t push myself, nothing would ever happen. But I BELIEVE, do you?

The world makes you think of all grey areas in your life, so-called friends may, bag you out at times.

Well are they really friends? I told my daughter once, who claimed she had a lot of friends, I said to her, “honey you have to realise that some are true friends, others are what I call moochers”. People who will hang around to pick the bones like vultures.

I believe that true people, will see the real you and love you for that. They will be honest, but support your decisions, they will be there when needed.

Back to the subject, I have the power to prevail and stand one snakes and scorpions. I have power, the enemy no longer has any power over me, I am the daughter of the true king.

So again, do you have the power to prevail? If you don’t believe it, just say it, till you do and see what happens.


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