I have had it..

I have had it with my situation.

I need my life to change, NOW. Lord help me find the next step and let’s go.

I have been trying to keep myself entertained, but enough already. Once my front room is cleared, I need to be working again.

I need the things done and dusted, so the next phase can begin.

So together are you with me, I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus to please find the right position for me. Restore me and empower me, to be your vessel. Let me be able to be used as your will desires, may all that has been stolen be returned to me, now. May extraordinary miracles take place in me and around me. May everyone see the light of the Lord shining from within. And father with your blessing let the man you have for me, cross my path and may your abundance rein down on me and my children. Let them come to the end of themselves and rise to worship you, let my son know the reason he is here is to follow you. Let your presence be felt by both my children, let an experience with you move them into greater things. Let all the blessing that you have for me, rain on me from today. Lord my beautiful father, let the world know how blessed they are to have you there for them and let the salt be shown over there lives. AMEN



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