Ok, here is a funny story

I promised someone that if they bought the pots, I would buy the orchard mix for when they were ready to separate them. She was unsure of what to do and asked for my help, knowing that I pay attention and research the correct way to be sure.

Saturday I got the call, went down with what I had in left over mix and gloves, ready to pop into Bunnings for more. She had rancid water that smelt worse than a septic tank, but she poured it onto one of the orchid pots before we left for the shop.

So ready for action and pulling it out, the smell hit me. All I could think of was keep your mouth shut, get it done as quickly as possible. Oh Lord, I was coughing and kept standing up straight to take a breath.

Then hubby comes along, with instructions, I just made the wave movement with my hand and said, I usually say, you can comment when its done. I am getting it done, may not be your way, but wait.

Anyway, I left had to go to Autobarn for cooling liquid when I left, apologised to the people around me. Came home washed my hands about 7 times, had 3 showers scrubbed my hands with a nail brush. Contemplated burning my cloths and shoes, but she laughed I laughed, shared my story and a friend laughed. Should be good for a couple of months of laughter.

Oh father, time tithe and task, time and task done for the month I think ROFL. YUCKOOOOO


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