I stand to be heard

Before Xmas holidays, I told you about running over Skippy, I tried to tell the guy something is wrong in the steering column.

Finally yesterday, I took it for a wheel alignment. It was clicking all the time when turning the wheel. The guy is telling me what they found, I said can you pick up that phone and tell him. And tell him I am coming back right now.

After being cheeky and full of, I tried to tell you. He said I will get one of the guys to go for a drive with you, to try and hear the sound.

Well just around the corner, click, crunch, thank the Lord. So Monday they will find the little problem and fix it.

Sorry for being blunt, but when a woman who says she grew up in the real country. And learnt about cars tries to tell you something. PLEASE listen, I know if I was male they would treat me differently, not fair, happy to admit if I get it wrong. But don’t label me as being female and dumb, because I am far from it.

Fair crack of the whip, it just frustrates me to no end. I may look sweet and cuddly like a Koala but once I open my mouth look out, I will make a point of being memorable. Why because, I knew I was right (a kind of knowing comes from him inside me, I cannot deny giving it a voice) is it that bad to say a woman may be right once and a while. OMG LOL


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