The blood cries out…

The blood cries out, from those who have been murdered or killed.

There is a street close to me where traffic lights have been erected, but the power company are not flipping the switch to turn it on. I tried to explain how dangerous it has become and the guy said to me, well if something happens then we are not liable.

What do I say, oh yes you are, if someone is hit and either injured or killed then the blood is on your hands. You may think you can hide behind your desk, but the buck stops at your desk. So that makes you responsible, your the one, who even is faceless/nameless your guilty of the crime.

I have had enough of people trying to blame someone else, stand up and be responsible. Stop hiding like a coward, have some guts and be responsible, be an active participant in causing change, that can have great effect in a positive way.

Where people have been killed, there blood ran on the ground and with that, its as if they are there crying for judgement and justice.

Blood can give you life or take it, its your lifeline its the oil and the petrol keeping you going. It leaves its mark, don’t be fooled any other way.



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