What a blessing today is…

Why, you ask.

Oh, I love the Lord, because when I visited my cousin, I said, “If I had of known then, I feel like telling the younger me it will be OK”.

I ordered Mercy Me CD, Welcome to the New, now this wouldn’t seem like anything big, but when you listen to Dear Younger Me. I cried, I needed that so badly, I have felt like the younger me needed to be told, its not your fault, what was done to you.

You WILL come to a place that shows the world. Its not wishful thinking, its just how it is, which is a part of another song and its so true, I feel a gift has been given, restoration IS taking place in my life and I am so humbled, so grateful and so touched by the father.

I believe the more I give him the glory, he will give back.

That it the key, that’s what you have to do, I know his word is in black and white but sometimes you have to have a light bulb moment and I just had one.

I sit here like I have just won the lotto, OMG father thank you so much. I love you so much thank you for caring and making me know I am worthy of your LOVE.

Waterworks out of control, see what he can do for you. Just let him, that’s all you have to do, let go, trust him…please, he loves you so much.


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