The father made a way

Yesterday, I was able to visit my cousin. I knew that they might resist prayer. But I believe that you and I moved a mountain of blockage, for our faith in his word.

I talked for a while, then I boldly said, Daryl would you like me to pray for you? “Yes”, I checked with his wife to make sure that she agreed it was OK.

Something I know is both have to agree, if one blocks, it doesn’t work.

As I prayed and asked for mercy and the familiar spirit to be removed, I felt power poring from me to him. That I knew was the father, entering, as I said in prayer, “I believe enough for the both of us.”

Father, please heal Daryl, he has had all the wrong in life, (family trait) and deserves restoration. So father, restore him let his lungs be healed and to breath.

Cancer spirit, I remove you in Jesus name, because the word says, I have all power and authority just like Jesus.

I believe this family will have an encounter, because of the love I have. And, its gonna be awesome.

Hallelujah and Amen… Oh, I feel a change coming, Happy days ahead. I give the father all the glory, he made me for his purpose. Its never anything about me, its all about YOU.


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