I have never been a lazy person

Sometimes we have jobs and winge and wine until we dont have it anymore.

I have worked in on a tobacco farm, as a young girl my mother was allergic to the leaves. So I stepped in, we needed the money. The deal was to pay her but I did what they wanted her too do.

My next job was in a roadhouse, I waitressed, cooked, managed, sold petrol and started to learn the books. Loved that job because of the people I was able to meet.

I worked in a office, after school bad boss. That is the end of that conversation.

Another I worked in a bakery, that opened my eyes. Never really been one who likes cakes or buns, love to cook but not to eat.

This one was a shocker, I helped on a dairy farm, yuk. I know how young a calf goes for veal (dont eat that), having a cow poo on you is gross. Rotary dairy all backsides pointing in and no where to go.

Next I have worked in a factory that made windcheaters and t-shirts.

One weekend I even cleaned toilets at a raceway to earn extra money, but did it with pride.

Then I had my babies, so I helped out at school, became parents club treasurer, lost property,banking lady, fete organiser, school uniforms, library and office when required.You name it I had a go, yes and they paid me once they new what I could do.

Moved to another town, worked in a newsagency, then office administration and PA work.

The point I am trying to get too, is in every job I have put everything into it. I have enjoyed what I did when I did it. Any challenge was one to overcome, it was never about the title or whether I was the boss or not.

It was finding the JOY, yes I had times I winged. Sometimes you can have managers that should never manage to begin with, but are never wrong.

I love being an indian as some would say, I don’t care what I do next. I don’t care what certificates I have, yes you have to have them to get a job sometimes.

But I am not a lazy person, sometimes you are judged for what you do or don’t do. But working in the city and seeing the high stress of an office, the man out the front delivering the coke a cola looked so much happier.

Find your spot, ask the Lord for the answer. You may be surprised, but what I know, don’t let anyone pigeon-hole you.

It’s not their life, ITS YOURS…



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