Finally the answer I have been looking for…

I have felt kind of stuck, on my journey with the Lord.

Yes most of it was all me, not stepping forward into what he has for me. Delaying the inevitable if you like.

But today, I heard someone say, “Commit your life to Jesus” consecrate it. Give him everything you have and trust the process.

I heard about a brilliant woman who story can touch your heart even today, Maria Woodworth-Etter who gave her life and her children to God knowing that his power would see her through.

In some ways I want to be like that, no fear, no worry or pause. Just working towards everything he has for me to do.

Tonight in the prayer meeting I said, “Father I consecrate my life to you” I am his and so are my children (whether they think so or not).

I am my father’s daughter, my testimony that someone reminded me of is awesome. Even today as I sit here, the path I have been on can not be stopped and I do not want to get out of the boat.

God bless, much love xxx


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