Any step forward can turn out right

Think about it, most people will  stay just as they have been conditioned to do or live.

Some go to the extreme and jump out of a jolly perfect plane LOL.

Some just muddle along and some learn from experiences and then have an experience with the Lord that changes them forever.

That me, I was changed a long time ago. Finally I am silencing everyone elses voices and listening to his. All I can say is it’s about time.

I have taken steps, choices that have been so very wrong. But now I know, at least I took the step forward and what I have learned will work for my fathers good.

Nothing and no one can stop this ship I am in, my father has a plan and I am willing to find out the next corse.

Just trust him and if that has been broken. Ask for his help, he helped me and now I feel peace and love. With a knowing that whatever is next I couldn’t have planned my life any better.

May the presence of God give you dreams tonight and fill your heart.


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