I realize, I am a simple girl.

I look around myself and see others, people I am related too. Who are very high maintenance.

I realize, I am a simple girl. I love the basics, a home that welcomes you. A clean neat garden, veggie patch & home.

I can sew when pushed, cook a huge amount of food with little effort. I was brought up being shown, if you want to show love without words, you feed them.

Last night I was doing a facial on someone, but I love doing feet. So off I went, as they sat and cooked under the mask. I washed, scrubbed and massaged their feet. They even went to sleep, which I thought was really cute.

Again, simple thing that really gave me more joy than them, I think.

I love someone who can say sorry, who says happy birthday, even if I forget. I love to admire the things my father created and having an artist eye, I am able to see the many shades looking out at the landscape.

I watch the birds in my backyard and marvel how every day they find enough to eat, how they feel comfortable and have chosen my back yard to have their babies and live. Bonus is they clean up the bugs that my cat doesn’t eat.

I have watched many season’s come and go in my little yard in the time I have been here. It is always exciting when the daffodils start to appear a sign that warmth is coming again.

I know sometimes we get so wound up we forget to just keep it simple. My son has taught me to not think of the many things, but keep it simple and your eye on the task at hand. As a woman, I have already done the task, found faults and come back to the start before others have even got what the project is.

Keep It simple, life is amazing every breath you take. You just have to see it through different eyes.

Be blessed


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