Sometimes I can get a little over board

Sometimes the passion for my father can get a little too much.

When you’re not ready for the information, this I know because when I first gave my heart to the Lord. I was overwhelmed, inside myself I felt like I was on some ride that was going not just fast, but supersonic.

I know that I cannot put within you what is in me, so the journey is yours only.

Something someone said is, your walk with Christ is just that YOURS, you are responsible for what stage you’re at.

You can only change when you give in and are ready for the next step.

It isn’t easy the walk I have chosen to take, but its the road I want to be on. My goal even when I feel tired and overwhelmed or it’s just too much, is standing before my father.

I am his daughter and in that I have peace and comfort.

My apologies for any upset, much blessings.


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