Spread your wings

One thing that I felt is to get out more and meet new people. When I need to show confidence, then I do, but really I am not a confident person (that is about to change, I can feel it).

I feel like I have put myself in a bubble, to keep myself safe and get the basics right before the father.

But in doing so I have limited myself, so I need to spread my wings. If I don’t then how does the lord touch the heart of others through me?

I cannot just sit here typing out what I have learnt or feel to you alone.

Yes I do meet people, but I need to open right the way up. My father has a plan and I need to make myself more open and available.

I went out this week to meet someone, as you know from the word the Lord provides to his children. So off I went, a colleague said to me yesterday, xxx said ‘you were the nicest client she has ever met.’

That means the Lord in me has left a mark, the door has opened, it’s up to him what happens next.

But I am definitely ready to go…

Be Satisfied

One thing that struck me this week, when going about my day was to be satisfied.

The world tries to tell you to keep up with the Jones’s as the saying goes.

What ever happened too, you buy a house that will do, then you not only pay it off but make changes over the years. You make a goal and achieve it, whether it’s replacing the flooring in one room at a time or painting, even replacing the kitchen.

No the world teaches us daily that we must have it all NOW.

Why is my question, I believe its to make us spend more than we need too.

I know the kind of home I like, its old-fashioned, built solid and yes I would rather a project one step at a time. Than have a big fancy house, all new furniture and all the bells and whistles.

Dont over stretch yourself, there is no need. Make do, the kids will grow and leave. Learning to share and live together will set them up for life.

I use to share a small bedroom with two older sisters, I learnt about them. Their tastes, fashion in the 70’s and how they were growing and changing. Mistakes I saw them make and was determined not to repeat.

So again be satisfied, money does not buy happiness. Love does….

My father is the one in charge

This is something I know more than anything else as I sit here.

Have you ever been so certain that nothing could ever cause you to waiver?

Well I know my dad loves me, he is guiding me. When I plant in the natural in my little veggie path, he plants seeds in me.

He enables that seed, as small as a mustard seed. To sprout and grow, he trims its branches when required and fertilizes, when food is needed.

I have been planted in the best soil there is, as my little patch is fertile. So is he in me.

He waters and tends to me, because he loves me purely.

So I go and tend to my little patch and trust in him.

So know what I say is true, he never lies and my end will be great.

I will confound the wise and show people who are my enemies that, greater is he that lives in me, than him that is in the world.

Why are people worried???

I have had a lot of people contact me lately.

They are so worried about me, why? I think it has something to do with fear of the unknown.

I am in my fathers hands and I trust in him, he will direct my path.

Relax people, trust in him and he will lead the way.

You just gotta love with everything you have and trust the process.

Love the journey he takes you on, because the plan will soon be laid out in front of you to see.

Remember when the pressure comes, find joy. Because the breath through is close behind.

Confronting isnt it

Sometimes we see ourselves differently to those around us.

We think sometimes we are so perfect, really.

This is dealing with me here, yes a work in progress but I have a friend who doesn’t realise. What she says to me, confronts me, yes at times I do not like it. But I know its with love, so I have to deal with it, when it happens.

Sometimes you want to say baa hum bug, but as I always say I am a work in progress that needs it all.

I trust him with everything I have and am

I know you have heard it all before but as I sit here about to close.

I am overwhelmed that, I trust him with everything I have and am.

Its simple but, I do love my father, he breathes in me. I don’t have anything special from anyone else.

I just am, so I have to trust him that he will restore the stolen. He will steer my life and my end will be great.

I want to send you love like you have never experienced before, so father please envelop them with your presence.

They cannot deny your love, I ran once upon a time. Now I am yours, surrender to your word and your will.

I love you father, I want people to know that love even if it’s for one minute of one day.

In this crazy world we live, let kindness and truth set them free.

News, I have just taken up something new.

I had a friend contact me and before he did I kept getting a vision of someone saying, shush it’s a secret.

Not knowing what the heck that was, I thought ok in time my father will reveal.

Then my friend contacted me and asked if I wanted to be an agent. I went to my Pastor to check if its was ok, didnt want to make any mistakes here.

And I am not one of those easy sell kind of people, I have to use and believe in a product. If I don’t believe I am not selling it to anyone. I have very sensitive skin, I am not just hypo allergenic, I am hypo hypo allergenic.

So here I am a Seacret Agent, Dead Sea Minerals  https://www.seacretdirect.com/bronie

If the Lord sees fit to help me this way, then who am I to argue.

Remember you never know, but be willing to follow. I have added the link details encase your curious.

Todays msg was simple

Todays msg was clear, if your under pressure then count it all joy. Because something is about to break out.

And something I forgot, that the enemy comes to steal your joy. I know he has been after me, but I am still here and I will have the victory.

By my fathers grace, my beginnings are small, but the end will be great.

I know we all need reminding from time to time. I know I do, sometimes I wish I had my husband to remind me and yes sometimes I think, do I?

Remember be careful what you wish for.

I need to laugh, I will try anything right now.