Were you watching the news yesterday

I was watching the news flash about Schapelle, what bothered me is how many cameras there were.

Yes she is either innocent or not. But let her out spend time alone, and try to feel her freedom.

Sometimes freedom is viewed in different ways. But I hope she is on her way home soon.

I saw the media scrum yesterday as another kind of prison. Yes some may be curious as to what she may have to say, but really do we need to know the dirty details.

What gets me is I was sitting in a waiting room, (never buy gossip mags anymore) I picked up a magazine and felt the disgusted on what was printed.

Really, if you talk to a guy you’re having sex or in a relationship. If I watch a movie, then its the story, not the person playing the part.

The world puts them on a pedestal and wonders why they fall off. Really….


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