Lord have I been moulded

Something that has been going on in me.

The lord has had me in a mortar and pestle, I feel like I have been squished right down to extract all the best out of me.

I have had a lot of internal things that have been, highlighted, tested and brought to the light for change.

But I keep thinking of a potters wheel, you have to ready the wheel, throw the clay onto it.

Then you have to push it up and squish it down to centre it, that is what has been happening in me.

I did really feel like giving up as I am only human but really, there is no where to run. So I decided to stand and just go through it till the end.

Next, everyday is a new day and you just never know what is next.

Be blessed, and remember I am not exempt from anything but if sharing helps then I am glad to do it.


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