I have thought of a lot of inventions and really need to get myself doing them.

  1. Supermarket trolleys, I told them they should have a short one, especially for single shoppers.
  2. Mr Muscle touch and go, told a rep in the supermarket what to do and now they make it.
  3. Told a Microsoft employee to change Italics and fonts to the way, you would see them. You use to have to type something to figure out what it would look like. I even wrote it on paper for him to go back and tell his boss’s. (This was when my children were at primary school)
  4. Chemist had a display of a certain product, they wanted it to be very blingy, so I said to the girl to tell them to put it on a mirror and when the lights are on it will dazzle.

Seriously, I need to shut up or reap in a few royalties. LOL

Again my brain never stops.


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