Leading the nation…

I know that everyone has a comment about something, even me at times but I wonder. What would you do if you had to make the tough decisions?

From working in a business that did advocacy, there are limitations and rules that you have to follow in order to get to the next step. We are all so quick to judge, but think about it. Could we do a better job? Could you do a job that can never make everyone happy, a job that you know the budget or expenses etc.

Things like keeping it sweet with other countries because we may need to either import, export or borrow money to keep the cash flow going. Can we stand up for a decision that will have a whole country behind me, but may make another war or battle?

You may never do it all right, but so many forget that we are just human. Don’t you make a mistake? Sometimes a leader is the one who needs us more than we need them. We are happy until we get a bee in the bonnet about something.

It pays to think about it, doesn’t it. How much expense out of this budget can be used to find another plane in the ocean. Shouldnt it be the airlines problem, but with our support. (This is often said)

Think of the really hard decisions, think of how we hate our wallets touched, but really do we understand why. Or does it all have to fall, for us to realize the reasoning behind it all.

I wouldn’t like to be a leader of a church let alone a nation, it’s a huge responsibility. You leave yourself open for the devil who is always waiting, to not only strike you but everyone that is under you. Support those you believe and trust in, my Pastor is the exception to the rule, he is fabulous and is always aware that his master is that of creation and what the lord giveth he can also take away. We are in many ways on all the same level, sometimes those in positions can forget this, but eventually the pedestal breaks and they fall off.

Yes sometimes, we need our voices heard, but like many things it’s often the way you do it. Not the decision you’ve made….


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