How was the holiday for you???

I have to laugh now, but over the break I have been in contact with the local Police 3 times.

Yes I was a good girl, its seems that others around where I live are not so good.

Gun shots, broken windows and arguments.

What did I do, gave them all the information I had to give. I have nothing to fear, I grew up around fear and fear will not control me.

I know this has been tried this year, I could feel it in my waters and I knew. I laugh because, they do not know who lives in my house.

My father will not fail me, I trust him with my life. The devil will not scare me, I have not only law on my side but his law.

And as I always said, I will not go quietly. I am not stupid in any way, I just stand up for my rights to live the life he has given me to live and to be able to step on snakes and scorpions.

So take that devil, yeehaa



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