God has had enough, if you are reading this read Psalm 91.

If you let fear overtake you, you give in.

I will not allow the enemy any room, for GOD so loved the world he gave his son.

He is shaking YOUR foundation, to get YOUR attention.

So quit it, and pray no plague will touch you.

Listen to Sid Roth with Tracy Cooke, you will understand more.

I have been getting 38 degrees Celsius would disperse it, they said it, I have been pleading the blood of Jesus on my house physically going around and doing so.

I have seen him empty hospitals, his blood is going to move all false GOD’s in your life, this could include money.

He will bring judgement on the enemy and reveal the truth, his people will stand up and be seen and the light of him will shine.

His time has come…


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