God wants us on our knees

I strongly believe the only way through is on our knees.

This has been strong ever since this bug started.

He knows the works of the enemy, he knows what is going to happen for it tells you in the word, how they will want to put chips in us and want us to renounce what we believe.

It is all coming, BUT you have the opportunity to act NOW.

Many might not like president Trump, but God put him there for his purpose, so take his medicine.

You may not like Prime minister Morrison, but God put him there for his purpose and really YOU GOTTA TAKE IT, for we do not see what he sees.

WE do not know it all, so TRUST, trust that the working of the father is at hand and set up for us to move forward.

We are getting ready for the very best, but the worlds worst, so chin up and smile.

As it says, they may fall but no plague shall come near you.



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