Miracles do happen…

I have had pain coming from my back since 2009 and I have been in that much pain that I wanted to be either hit by a bus or train to stop it.

The pain was that bad it would drop me to my knees every time and I would be in tears, screaming for help.

So on Monday at prayer meeting, after saying right enough taking the bull by the balls.

We were praying for specific things mine was my back and then employment.

My Pastor wife and others their prayed for me, again as before this guttural growl came forth. I started telling it to get out, I knew that it was demonic and had to go. I have never in my life screamed with such force.

I also had a hand on my back that was hot, my kidneys have also been a problem but guess what.

I HAVE NO PAIN, I believe that I am healed.

To sleep and not been woken because of it is the most wonderful gift in the world.

Healing can be yours, I have belief and that is faith in again.



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