How brilliant is my father

I was sitting watching the movie Blindside.

How the Lord can make a lot of little things, add up to a great impact on me.

He is gentle, caring, loving and wonderful. He makes me sing and cry. He makes me feel so very special.

Today, I caught the bus to go down the street. I thought ok, get organized and go.

Everywhere I went I felt him, songs would come through the speakers. Songs that mean so much to me, you never have this happen.

It was like he was waiting for me, wanting me to know he was there. Wanting to know he has never left me or forsaken me.

By the time I got home, I was walking on cloud nine. I know by the look they gave me they knew something awesome was in their presence, when my father is with you anything can happen.

How brilliant is he to love me so much, to guide my path. I keep trying to express the love I have for him but I cannot come close.


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