Something so simple can speak volumes

Yesterday is was very hot here, before the change came in.

I rang a friend because it was so dry, I felt like I couldn’t breath. Their was no moisture in the air, so I went to a friend’s place who has an awesome air conditioner.

I felt the need to take up my lotions and sorts to give her a foot treatment.

Its funny but I am a late bloomer, a lot of the girly things I didn’t start doing until about 8 years ago. Better late than never, it was always an expense that I did not have the money for. And I have to say I was to embarrassed to ask encase people thought I was from another planet.

So when I felt gods prompting, I got out the scrubs, creams and water in a dish. I pumiced her feet, soaked them, scrubbed in the pumice cream, finished with soothing cream and a good foot massage.

I felt that the Lord wanted to honour her, so he used me and I have to say I enjoy making people happy. Even if its to do there feet, I know how much I love it, when someone wants to make me relax .

And my hands feel great, so there is a bonus. But something so simple can have such a big impact, I told her she needed to be honoured, I know that touched her heart, she knew the Lord was in on it.

Do something simple, you might be the one to get the biggest reward…


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