The human body

Have you ever taken the time to think about the human body.

How marvelous it is, I realized this one day when I was walking down stairs. How my body adjusted to work together in unison.

How you put fuel in and it gets rid of he waste. How you go in for a tune up, or adjustment and it just keeps on working.

I believe that it can heal itself, when my father steps in and you are in the right place to receive.

Most of the time our mind is the real key to the engine, it’s the computer that can either make it run efficiently or not. Example of eating junk food, we all know the right thing to do and we choose to ignore most of it.

When I think about my body, I think how marvelous my father was to think of it and all its working parts.

How he knew me from the very beginning like an invention and he knew how I was built, what I could be used for and how my end would be.

Think about you today.


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