God bless

Today was instrumental on helping someone who really needed my father. The enemy wants to squash them but not on my watch.

Its amazing to me how he (our dad) has things strategically placed for such a time as this. We are in such a place to make sure people do not go before there time.

I believe his word, every single bit of it, so therefore I have an authority and a boldness because I know its not me, he is just using me.

Another person in the room felt someone (I believe an angel) hold there hand, he was very present today and I was walking on the moon, it was fantastic.

I love what he does, I don’t want to ever take the limelight, I just want people to hear him, I want my father to have a voice.

God bless everyone who requires him, let the light shine.

Today before the person left they said I feel at peace, I knew what my dad had done. I held there hands and said I stand in the gap on there behalf. Why? Because no one knows my dad like I do, he is my everything and my friend. I love him with everything I have and more.

He is also my husband my lover everything beautiful and that’s it for me….


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