The Veil needs to be lifted

I remember when I use to be like a horse with blinkers on, I could only see a set range.

But when my father lifted the veil, I could see and understand so much. It was like the world had just been created for me.

I was talking to someone I know and it shocked me, people think if they read certain books then that’s the truth. There is so very much more and you need to know to keep yourself protected.

I admit as I have before that I was led by someone to do reading’s, because I knew things, this was a big mistake but a very big learning experience. When you tread where no body should, they use the arch angle Michael.

Because the enemy tries to make it all sound so good that like lollies in a shop we get tempted, but he hooks you, with a big grappling hook. Remember he has read your books and wants to stop you, for fulfilling your destiny.

I know more than you can imagine how bad this is to be hooked in, do not be fooled. What I know now comes from my dad as it should have been before, it has taken a huge task to remove this evil that I tapped into from my life.

You are dicing with your life, I know this to be true. My real father, Jesus and his dad God and the holy spirit is my goal, my very life and breath.

Father lift the veil and let them see the truth, shine a light and reveal the enemy’s plan. Be very careful, I heard yesterday that someone I use to work with has had some news.

I warned this person, you cannot pick and choose what you want to have of God and live immoral, you then remove God’s hedge of protection around you and allow the enemy access.

People, please understand this, it’s not a joke, it is not a game, dad wants us, all of us. Not enough to appease our minds. And give you a pass, it doesn’t work that way, you have to adhere to my dads rules to get to the glory.

I am trying to help you and save your eternal life. But you have to help yourself too….





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