I feel like crying

I feel so much for those who I see are lost.

People crying for healing, and rescue of there souls and spirits. I try so much to help, but you have to some times step back to they truly fall.

For his word says, I want you to come, broken and repent humbly before him. Then he can work in you, then he can build you up,

Oh father please, put me in that place when you need me. I am willing to help even if people mock me, I want to do your work. Not for my glory but for you alone.

Vision: Many years ago I had a vision of a red carpet, there were photographers wanting to take my picture and I kept crying out, it’s not me that heals it’s my father, people were trying to get to me to be healed because they thought it was me.

They didn’t understand because they don’t see him, I remember it well and clear. I followed his instruction and he chose the people who were to be healed by his miracles.

If that is what he wants, then go for it father. I want what he wants but my soul cry’s out for you, I want to see you in heaven, I want you to have the life he wrote for you to have. We deserve this and I do love you because my dad does and what he does I want to have in my life.

I am now crying as I type this, because I know the dark place I once was in and the light I sit here now in and I want everyone to have this. I want you to know what real pure love is, what it feels like to have his beautiful love in your life.



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