Well well well

Yesterday was a history making day. My father has his way in the American election, I know things are going to change big time, but my father has a plan. Trust the plan.

Someone said last night, that Isiah 45 is what he is Sirus, just hold on for the ride is all I can say, because dad is good at what he does.

Our father took the foolish to confound the wise, what got me is she didn’t have enough decency to go out and thank her supporters, not good Jan. And to think she got every media person she could to support her, kissing butt all the way OMG.

One woman interviewed said the red down the centre, is like America is haemorrhaging, my instant knowing was you have been for years, the world could see it. Now God will have his way, I see things no one else sees but I know with everything in me this is going to be ok.

I have known business people who are so bad, you need someone so strong to clear them out. That is what he is going to do, don’t look at what he says, see in the heavens.

Grasp hold and know if your in the right place with our dad, your safe. I think I may nickname him Gods Garbolagist.


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