I feel closer than ever

I said to someone again the other day, I was told that “I would write a book that would be held up by leaders of nations”.

I also heard that “my name will be written in the pages of history”. I have been shown my name in his book, so I do not deny this, for I cannot.

Sitting here right now, I do not need to know detail.

All I do is trust, but I feel it getting closer more than ever before and I believe it. Because I know my fathers words, resonate within those who have an ear to hear, and that is not only prime ministers or presidents etc.

I believe it is leaders in many areas, because this world was created by God, this world was given to his son, because of the sacrifice he took on for us.

He is not going to just walk away from that, he has a mission and like the blues brothers, he cannot stop.

Nothing will get in the way of what is to come, and the enemy can try, but he has no power, none.

So, after things have happened as spoken about in the word, then his son, we will see again.

And won’t that shut some up, yee haa. I am so looking forward to it.



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