My awesome dad

It use to be a strange thing to say, how awesome is my dad.

But I am not talking about my earthly father, but my real father.

He has brought me through some of the most toughest times and saved my life when if I did not know I would not be here.

I believe with everything in me, that he will use my experience to bring others to him, that have questions, that want to know, but find it hard to understand.

And yes I found it hard, when you open your heart, he shows you the meaning. He opens your eyes and ears then fills them with the knowledge of the truth.

He is worth more than all the wealth, diamonds and gems, because he made them. He is my beginning and end.

I love him with every fibre of my being, I am not a crack pot christian, I am not a religious nut.

All I am is me, a chosen person, who has experienced miracles and evidence that I alone cannot deny.

So whom ever is out there in the world take comfort, he is not a tangible thing you can possess, he is everything all in one and don’t try and figure it out, just begin to love him.

That is all I do and when he loves you and you feel it, there are no words to express.


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