Confirmation of the fact, yeehaa

Last night I heard the very words that I have been saying in the last few posts, it is my total belief system, of values, honour and as I sat there listening, I had a big smile on my face.

I love the fact that I am hearing correctly and he finds trust in me to do so. He sees my heart and that its open to him, that I hear the correct message, so many times people think that certain parts don’t adhere to them.

But it does, he wants him first not the worlds system, example prayer meeting is just that. It is a time dedicated to prayer and at the same time, so adjust your world according to his.

Church comes together, again unless you honour the Pastor and let him know and you cannot change the fact because of work then its between you and him.

We have to sacrifice something, I once said to my daughter, I am sorry if this hurts but its God first and then I listed where both my children fit, equally.

It has to be that way, I know from experience nothing will happen until you get it right.

Then the blessings come because you are where your suppose to be, willingly. And its not about if I give this then I get that, no no no.

Its about you just being and wanting the father, with all you have and all you can be.

Giving yourself over and taking up his plans to make it happen and he will. Trust in the awesomeness that is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the rest.

God is the very best, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

I think most struggle with not only family but a form of having control, control is an illusion made up in the world, for the truth is only one is in control and that ain’t you.

So trust trust trust in all you do and be a friend of God, be his servant willingly and all will fall into place with such wonder you cannot imagine.



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