I am more ignited than ever before

I cannot express just how, full I feel.

How buzzed I am, so ignited because what I have been getting matches up.

Matching up and no longer waiting for others to catch me.

Once I heard our pastor say, he had to come down about 6 notches to meet us, so we get the message.

That is something I have never forgotten, because we should meet him at his level, not overtake, but as a son.

I had this hold, keeping me back, so I did not stand out or tread on toes, but I can’t, I keep waiting and I cannot anymore.

I must keep up with the father not only of the house, but the journey I am now on.

I must, I have no other option, people think they have a choice, well I don’t and I am glad of it.

Glad that I am getting on and doing what I must, yes I must also keep watch to not get ahead of myself, but I have too, I think you can tell by now, there is no other signal than green..




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