Sometimes a simple word can mean a lot

When I was at my doctors, I started joking about the usual notes when you given paper, sex my response in brackets (having had it in 20 yrs), says I was born in …(but I beg to differ).

He asked me, well when do you think you were born, I said to him, (if your talking with God in mind then isn’t it called, eternal life, regardless of the vessel I now reside in).

He looked at me right in the eye and said, “Your right” I know I don’t have to be right or wrong, but I know the way we try and figure things out via the world’s training doesn’t seem to match with his.

I think about things as I chat to him (the father) and this is so strong, to be here, we have to be seen as a human, but if your, your fathers, then really what is your real name, the one give to you that he has for you and how old are you.

Think about it… for thought


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