God is amazing, how he helps you daily

I think we take him for granted some times and forget the great work he does.

We forget to take note of the simple things, yesterday was no different.

I am humbled, I am blessed, I am loved.

These are things we have to realise day after day, we need to know his wonderful work.

We need to know just how marvellous he is.

And when I say, I feel prophetic words coming to pass, its him working through me.

Its him, using this vessel, that people see but can’t see him.

Its always him, never me, but I am thankful for him choosing me, he sees something I don’t. But I trust him, so I just go with it.

I do not make plans, for if my life is his, then nothing should come forward that I want, should it?

That’s the way it resonates in me and I love it.


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