I have a feeling

I have a feeling that today is going to be above and beyond my imaginings.

I don’t know what is about to happen but, I am having problems concentrating so its going to be big. I know that the Lord is going to fulfil his word and its going to show the world, that with laying the ground work, tithing also your time, moving into his kingdom by letting go of the hold of the world.

Nothing can stop you, I know the enemy has been working over time to try and use anything even family. I have made my decision that was not easy, to walk on, my children are adults they have to walk there own path. I pray that they come into a place of understanding.

I alone have to choose, the other day someone said something about my husband to come. I said, “that there is only one man in my life”, and its true in my heart. He is the only one that has truly loved me and never let me down or broken my trust. Anything that has been hard, inside I have known to trust him, for I cannot see the architects plans, but I know that he has the qualifications to build and let the destiny of my life unfold.

So I have a feeling, woohoo, lets see what unfolds


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